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You haven't been to 'La Petite Auberge'? What are you doing right now?

This was my fourth visit to “La Petit Auberge” in Islington (or “The Little Inn” if your French isn’t too good.) My first visit was for a family gathering last Spring, the remaining three visits came about as a result of conversations with friends that went something like this “I can’t believe you haven’t been to Le Petit Auberge! We must go right away.” This is exactly how I ended up there on a fairly dark Thursday evening in February.

We went straight from work and the restaurant filled up quite quickly after we arrived so it might be worth booking to guarantee a table. The interior is a simple but effective mix of exposed brick, low lighting, French posters and a wheel nailed to the ceiling and the atmosphere is very relaxed. The staff took a little while to serve us but were friendly and seemed to know their menu well, they were also incredibly patient with my indecisiveness…

The menu has all the classics you’d expect from a decent French restaurant. There is the choice of a set menu which is £21.50 for three courses – which is available all day every day, none of this “only if you are dining with a unicorn and order in Russian between 2:30 and 4pm on a Monday.” We were proudly brandishing a Taste Card though so we decided to go a la carte.

Lizzie had the lamb shank and, after insisting that she let me try it, I can confirm it was the most tender, exquisite lamb served with creamy mash potato. Next time I will be ordering this! That said my steak was also cooked beautifully. We shared a Carafe of red wine which drank far too easily. We were off to meet Gary at another Islington bar so we didn’t have time for dessert. To go to a French restaurant and not even get a sniff of the cheese board seems quite unfair so I will have to return soon.

We had a Taste Card so we had 50% off our bill but without it would have come to just under £35 which is probably slightly more than I’ve paid for one course and a glass and a half of wine elsewhere but the quality was so good I wouldn’t have minded.

La Petite Auberge, N1


La Petite Auberge, N1


La Petite Auberge, N1


La Petite Auberge, N1

Lamb Shank

Summing Up

“La Petite Auberge” will be added to the bank of restuarants I call on for those evenings when you just want to know that you’re going to have really good meal. I will be back, probably with the rest of the Scoff lot at some point. Although I have just found out they do home delivery…

The Order (2ppl)

Jarret d’agneau rôti £11.95
Bavette grillée £13.45
Le Bouquet de Georges Duboeuf Rouge £9.50
Total £17.45 (with a Taste Card - £34.90 without)
Per person £8.72 (with a Taste Card - £17.45 without) - service not included

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